Blackmeans Navajo Fringed Denim
Blackmeans Navajo Fringed Denim
Blackmeans Navajo Fringed Denim

Blackmeans Navajo Fringed Denim

Founded in 2008, Blackmeans embodies an amalgamation of finely crafted leather goods, deep-rooted relationships with the native Tokyo Punk scene, and a captivating allure of hardcore nonchalance. Juxtaposing the avant-garde against a Japanese hardcore punk lifestyle is no small undertaking - for Yujiro Komatsu and his small team, they work in an uninterrupted fluidity that is centralized to their core ideologies. Komatsu in describing the inspiration for the brand, acknowledges that the team “collectively… took our inspirations from the music and culture that we love and formed our ideas into a cohesive product in which we reconstruct, repair, and renew original designs to our liking.” 

In addition to their signature Moto leather jackets, Blackmeans offers a myriad of knick-knack accessories that have skyrocketed in popularity - most notably, the coin pouches and brass-knuckle inspired lighter cases. From this renewal of original designs, Blackmeans has produced some of the best-selling and identifiable accessories in modern Japanese streetwear that operate as items of immense utilitarian purpose and inviting artistry. 

Though the brand pays direct homage to the hardcore punk scene in many ways, the narrative of Blackmeans in its entirety can not be constrained. Like many other Japanese designers, Blackmeans invites a dialogue - an introverted commentary on Japanese heritage through beautifully hand-crafted and boastful original garments. 

Fringed Hems
Distressed Knees
Contrast Seams
Slits Below Attached Back Pockets
Ankle Zippers

Tagged size 3, fits US 31 in waist best
Waist: 16.25”
Rise: 9.75”
Inseam: 32”
Bottom Hem: 7”

9/10 - light wear and fading throughout