Issey Miyake 1980s Derby
Issey Miyake 1980s Derby
Issey Miyake 1980s Derby

Issey Miyake 1980s Derby

Hailing from Hiroshima, Japan, Issey Miyake is a distinguished designer known for his cutting-edge designs and technology driven clothing. After graduating from Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design, he began experimenting with methods of pleating that allow for easy care and flexibility.

Issey Miyake’s label is characterized by it’s astutely innovative knitwear, outerwear, and textile designs. Often featuring intricate patterns and premium materials, Issey Miyake garments have always embodied a juxtaposition of Japanese heritage and forward-thinking technology. In an increasingly experimental fashion world, Issey Miyake stands out with fabric pressing techniques that create origami-like patterns for women’s mainline runway designs, coined appropriately as “3D Stretch Seam”. In scrutiny of the modern fashion landscape, it is evident that Issey Miyake has come to the forefront of technological advancements in textile production and shaping it into a meaningful narrative.

Classic Silhouette
Rubberized Sole
Elevated Heel
Luxurious Leather

Fits US 7.5 - 8 best
Insole length: 9.85"
Outsole Length: 11.5"


9.5/10 - almost like new condition