Visvim Cotton Work Pants
Visvim Cotton Work Pants
Visvim Cotton Work Pants

Visvim Cotton Work Pants

Founded by Hiroki Nakamuri, Visvim has driven a powerful narrative for nearly two decades with their offerings of intriguing garments that leverage vintage Americana against Japanese sensibilities and nostalgic design. Largely inspired by his time spent in Alaska whale watching, camping, and experiencing the outdoors, Visvim was born out of necessity following a stint working at Burton Snowboards. Nakamura and his shoe designs exploded onto the contemporary landscape of high end outdoorsy-menswear, with the launch of the FBT moccasin sneaker. Though demand has skyrocketed over recent years, in part due to celebrity appearances in the footwear line, the entire production of FBT’s remain under the eyes of the original twelve person cobbler team located in Hong Kong. 

Black Lush Cotton
Unique Waist Hardware
Slim Straight Fit

Fits US 32 in waist best
Waist: 16.5”
Rise: 11.5”
Inseam: 31”
Bottom Hem: 8.5”

8/10 - overall wear throughout, some small marks and distressing